My Story

I started running in my mid twenties and completed my first half marathon at age 28. In 2005, I ran my first full marathon, followed by six more. In my late thirties, I found my true passion in triathlons and have since completed twenty triathlons including four IRONMAN races.

Having learned the hard way of the importance of healthy eating while training many hours every week, I adopted the Primal/Paleo life style in 2017.  This was transformative for me.  My energy levels ramped and I’m much more steady. As a side benefit I’ve dropped unneeded pounds towards my ideal race weight.  My race performances have since improved, and so has my race outlook.

Inspired by my former coach who tragically passed away in a bike accident in 2018, I followed my passion to pursue what I believe in.  As a Primal Health Coach and IRONMAN Certified Coach I’m eager to helping you reach your full potential!

Nadine Seferian

The story behind gsp

I founded GSP Health & Endurance Coaching in 2018. The inspiration for the name came from our dog Cayenne, a GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer). She is a living example for Grit, Strength and Perseverance.

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